Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let's Go to Expo! Part 9.

What better way to celebrate two years of this blog than by posting another installment of Let's Go to Expo?  WOOOHOOO! Here's what's coming up on January 22 & 23 in Mesa, Arizona!

This installment has some great names from great people, from the President of Incline Software to an author of some 11 genealogy training programs to the owner of Generation Maps to a guitar playing national speaker! Let's get going.

The President of Incline Software is Gaylon Findlay, who will speak at:

8:00 on 1/23: Ancestral Quest 12.1 - The Natural Upgrade for PAF and at
3:00 on 1/22: Synchronize PAF 5 or AQ Data with New FamilySearch Using Ancestral Quest, the Program from Which PAF 5 was Derived

The expert on training videos for Genealogy is Geoffrey Rasmussen, the creator of the Legacy Family Tree program!

Geoffrey will grace our eyes and ears with the following presentations:

1/22 @ 1:30:  Organizing, Planning, Mapping, Charting and Sharing Using Legacy Family Tree
1:23 @ 8:00:  Market Your Ancestors Using Message Boards, Mailing Lists, Blogs, and Social Networking Sites
1/23 @  1:00:  Legacy Family Tree: Tips & Tricks
1/23 @  4:00:  Timelines and Chronologies: Secrets of Genealogical Success

Who else could follow Geoffrey but The Chart Chick?  Janet Hovorka, along with her husband, own and operate Generation Maps, and if you've never seen one of her charts then you have GOT to come to this Expo (well, you should be coming anyway).   Janet will speak twice at this year's Mesa FH Expo:

1/22 at 3:00:  Basic Research Practices in the Age of New FamilySearch
1/23 at 2:30:  Certified Genealogy Software that Makes New FamilySearch Family Tree Easier

Can you imagine a better genealogy speaker than an expert in folklore? I can't!  Jean  Wilcox Hibben is a board-certified genealogist, President of the Corona Genealogical Society, and the Southern California chapter of APG! And MESA gets to hear her speak:

1/22 @ 1:30:  Federal Census Records: Brick Wall Battering Rams, Part I
1/22 @ 3:00:  Federal Census Records: Brick Wall Battering Rams, Part II
1/23 @ 1:00:  To Zion in Song: The Westward Migration of the Mormons

Jim Greene is a FamilySearch Product Manager.  He's a guru on technology and its uses in genealogy, having also worked for IBM and Novell.  He will be presenting the following:

1/22 @ 10:00 a.m.:  FamilySearch 2010 and Beyond
1/23 @ 8:00 a.m.:   FamilySearch’s Research Wiki, Forums, and Blogs: Useful Tools to Connect and Collaborate with Others

Ever hear of John Vilburn? If you haven't, you probably have heard of his company: Ohana Software. He also developed PAF Insight and Family Insight. And if you still haven't heard of him, you will by the time this Expo is over. He is presenting:

1/22 @ 11:30 a.m.:  FamilyInsight: The Rest of the Story

I hope to see as many of you there as possible.


Lisa said...

Happy 2nd anniversary to Orations, Colleen!

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Janet Hovorka said...

Lisa--Happy Second anniversary. And I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Janet