Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Go to Expo! Part 8

I wish I could bring my dog to the Family History Expo in Mesa, Az January 22-23.  He'd probably learn so much from Dolores A. (Dee) Semon.  See, Dolores has 34 years experience in German and Polish research, including Pommerania! Yes, you got it: My dog is part Pomeranian! Then again, she also is experienced in research in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and my great-grandfather Edward HODICK may well have been born in Bohemia! Dolores speaks 8 languages and published a book in Weurttemburg.  As if that wasn't enough, she is the Public Relations secretary, E-News Editor, and Research Chair for Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies (FEEFHS).  WOW! Her speaking schedule is as follows:

1/22 @ 3:00  Beginning Polish Research
1/22 @ 4:30  I Stil Can't Find My Place Name

Who is a native of Georgia, is a cultural historian, and is a principal investigator for DNA Consultants in Phoenix? And who has co-authored "When Scotland Was Jewish: DNA Evidence, Archaelogy, and Public Records"?  And who has a new book on the horizon entitled "Star, Crescent and Cross: Jews and Muslims in Colonial America"? 

Why, it's Donald Yates, of course!  I'm amazed at the speaker tally at this year's expo!  Donald will be presenting the following:

1/22 @ 10:00  Ancestral Tracing With an Autosomal DNA Test: Conceptions and Misconceptions.

Duff Wilson has 15 years of software design with and holds the title of Senior Product Manager for Family Tree Maker. He's skilled at creating programs for the novice and the expert alike.  He is a graduate of Utah State University and we are lucky to have him in Mesa this year:

1/22 @ 1:30 p.m.  Getting the Most out of Family Tree Maker

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