Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whooooooo..... Are You .... OOOhhhh Oooh...

The 9th edition of Smile for the Camera, hosted by the footnoteMaven, asks participants to post a picture from their collection showing someone whose identity they're trying to figure out.

The above is the picture that is in question. I've posted it before to inquire if the woman on the right was the same person as the bride in this picture:
Here's a picture of the two women closer up, side-by-side:

It was then posed if one (or both if the above people are the same person) was the same person as this one:

This woman is known to be my paternal great-grandmother on my dad's maternal line, Justina HODICK. The consensus of the above ponderings, after posting here and at work, was that
Is Justina, but that is not (though it does appear the second woman has a cleft lip, which would be odd since I am a social worker for the Cleft Lip/Palate team at work).

The battle within does not stop here, as I realized that similarities abound among these women's husbands, too.

This is Justina's husband, Edward HODICK, my great-grandfather.
This is a closer picture of the groom in wedding portrait above. I'm not very good, to be honest, at comparing people (I'm always saying "hey that looks like...." and everyone laughs at me!). I do notice some difference in the eyes of these men, and the hairline. But I really wonder if the second unknown man was perhaps my great-grandfather Edward HODICK's brother. Or perhaps his bride was Justina's sister!

So tell me, people, WHO ARE YOU?

Edward and Justina Hodick, ca. late 1940's.


Sheri said...

In the 1st photo, the woman on the right looks like you!

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I also have trouble comparing photos to recognize a given individual at different ages. I think we need that computer software they use on the various CSIs and NCIS etc.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could run them through a database and get out answers NOW - or maybe it wouldn't be, afterall teh fun is in the search!
Evelyn in Montreal
A Canadian Family