Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Branch Sprouted

Genealogists are a lot like parents in reverse:

Parents are ecstatic to learn they're becoming parents, and they are ecstatic when the new life is born and they get to see the face of their child for the very first time.

Genealogists are ecstatic to learn the identity of that long-dead woman in the weird clothes from the photograph ca. 1895. They are ecstatic when they find a long-lost dead ancestor and they can finally say from what country they hailed.

Tonight, I share an ecstatic post announcing the pronouncement of Nan Qi Qing of the city of Maoming in the province of Guandong in southeast China as the new daughter of Joe and Donna of Arizona, to be reanamed Lauren Elizabeth. Joe and Donna have waited a long, long time for this day, and I urge you to hop on over to their newly christened site, Loving Lauren, and set your eyes on the most precious thing to touch my eyes since I laid eyes on Izzie ;).

Congratulations, Donna and Joe. Here's to one more generation to add to your family tree.

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