Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Night Geneablogger Fun

It is time for another "Seaver Saturday" activity! Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings posted yet another challenge to geneabloggers. I'm truly having a hard time participating in this one, and judging by his first four comments, I'm not the only one! The idea is to go to and answer a few questions about yourself and let it determine your death date. I truly do not wish to know! So I'll try it with other people ;).

I plugged in my mother's information (she'd died in 1988). Only for her I chose "non-smoker" since she did smoke, and died at the age of 50. I entered her BMI as <25 (she was tiny), and her mode as pessimistic, which she could be at times. Her time apparently expired on Sunday 9 Jan 1994. A bit shy of 6 years after her true death date. Changing her mode to "Optimistic" would have her death date in 20 years, at 6 May 2029 at 91 years of age. Putting her mode at "Normal" put her death date at 1 Apr 2017 (79 years). Claiming her as a smoker, which she was, and "normal" mode would have put her death date at 18 Jan 2013, her 75th birthday. Changing this window's "mode" status as "pessimistic" and it brings her death date (24 Nov 1990) to within 2 years and 11 days of her actual date of death: 13 Nov 1988.

Okay. So I still don't have the guts to put in my information, so I'll use dad instead (bwahahahaha).

When I plug in my father's information, it states something like "You've already expired". His death date was supposed to be Thursday, 12 Jul 2007. He's still alive, so take THAT, Death Clock.

Well that was a confidence builder, so here goes!

Entering my information, my death date will be 18 Jan 2018 (54 years old), or 1 Feb 2025 (61 years of age), depending on which result you choose. See, I wanted to double check the date after I'd closed the window so just hit "enter" again to see what it was and it came up with a different answer. Only bought me 7 years, but a different answer just the same! Bringing my BMI down to 24 (yeah, right) would put my death date at 23 Jan 2019; still only 55 years old! Changing my "Mode" from pessimistic (Murphy is my friend) to "Normal" puts my death date at 22 Mar 2043 (79 years), and changing it to "Optimistic" brings it to a final age of 103 with a death date of 1 May 2067!

So basically what I need to do is keep going to the gym, eat less, and stop being friends with Murphy!

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