Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Underground Cemetery: Fact or Fiction?

The 58th edition of The Carnival Of Genealogy is posted! This edition asked participants to relate a story that represents the eeriness of Halloween without revealing it's status as fact or fiction.

My own entry can be found HERE. The story surrounded these two women:

Let's start with the women's identities, which my story stated were my paternal grandmother's aunts. Well, this could be true, but fact is I have no idea who these women are! I do suspect they are from the HODICK or NAHADIL lines, but I can't prove it. I do also suspect that, if they are relatives of my father's mother, they are at the cousin level, not the aunt level.

So what about the underground cemetery story, stating that the bodies were buried 12 feet underground and the plaque buried six feet above the coffins? That would be weird, wouldn't it?

Were the women dared to go in there to prove there weren't ghosts in the shack? Heck I dunno, but what little we can see of the building looks crickety enough to withstand such a story, doesn't it?

So what was the "hoooo hoooo" the women reportedly heard?

That was the howl of laughter the women heard in their premonition about this FICTIONAL story!

Thanks to my fans for partaking in this fun activity! Head on over to the COG now to read about other genea-bloggers' tales of Halloween!

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Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Greetings Colleen,
I enjoyed your story very much. I had to think your it through a bit. However, the 12 foot graves was the clue that alerted me that your story was likely fictional. Thanks for a great tale.