Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let's Go to Expo! Part 4


Are you ready for the 4th installment for the Let's Go to Expo! series? I hope so because we have two amazing women in store for you today.  Imparting her knowledge of New England and New York research, Arlene Eakle, Ph.D., will be speaking on four occasions at the 2010 Mesa Family History Expo.

1/22/09 @ 1:30:  Virginia Genealogy Part I: Virginia Jurisdictions and Genealogical Research: A Preliminary Checklist.
1/22/09 @ 3:00: Virginia Genealogy, Part II: What is New and What Research Strategies Work
1/23/09 @ 8:00 New York Research Part I
1/23/09 @ 9:30 New  York Research Part II

Aside from being a professional genealogist for over 30 yers, Arlene is "merely" the President and Founder of The Genealogical Institute. She specializes in New York, the Southern U.S., the British Aisles, Switzerland and parts of Germany.  Attendees are sure to learn much from Arlene!

 Baerbell Johnson, AG, is an International Reference Consultant at the Family History Library.  I can attest to her knowledge and expertise, having had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with her at the 2008 FH Expo in Mesa.  I had a question for DearMyrtle, actually and she pulled in Baerbell to give me some tips on passenger ships and ports of departure/entry to include Austria and St. Kitt's.  Baerbell will also grace us with her presence and knowledge at the 2010 Mesa Expo:

1/22 @ 10:00  German Genealogy on the Internet - An Overview and German Town Genealogies and Parish Register Indexes on the Internet.

1/22 @ 11:30  Avoiding Mistakes in German Research

1/22 @ 1:00 Occupations in German Research.

1/23 @ 8:00  Finding Your Italian Ancestors

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I am loving this series! I think it is great since many of the Bloggers of Honor are still unfamiliar to many genealogy bloggers