Sunday, December 27, 2009

Let's Go to Expo! Part 3

The Internet is a great thing, but it can be scary, too.  Lots of things can go wrong, such as phishing and hacking and identity theft.  Genealogists are not exempt from these dangers.  Fortunately, we have Andrew Pomeroy.

Andrew is a partner at Limited Edition Publishers, who specialize in family histories and color-accurate photo books.  He is educated in business/marketing/technology, and he promises to help genealogists stay safe. At least,  he promises to help genealogists attending his lecture at the 2010 Mesa Family History Expo in Mesa, Az! His speaking schedule is as follows:

1/22/10 @ 4:30:    Internet Safety for Genealogists and Everyone Else
1/23/10 @ 11:00:  Connecting Families Through Facebook

Many, if not most, of you know that the Geneabloggers have grown from a small group of people navigating through each others' blogs to communicate to an approaching-1,000 member strong group on Facebook as well as each others' blogs.  Well, Anna Fechter, who has a B.S. degree in Sociology, can help family historians find and grow communities on the Internet!

Anna is the Community Operations Manager at, and she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Rootsweb, The Learning Center, and The World Archives Project. Community is her thing, and if you want it to be your thing, too, plan on attending her presentation:

1/23/10 @ 1:00:  Tapping into the and RootsWeb Community.

I'd love to go to this presentation, except, well, er, uh....I'm presenting at the same time! I'll tell you about my topic a little later! I'm glad there will be a syllabus available of all presentations, because everyone will want to know all about everyone else's subjects!

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