Thursday, February 19, 2009


Judy at Genealogy Traces awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award! I'm always thrilled when people enjoy what I write, even when I'm not as consistent as I'd like to be!

Now I'm to nominate 7 blogs, linking them here and commenting on their blogs to let them know. Unfortunately my computer's so slow these days it takes a long time to do 7 so let's see if I can find a few new blogs tonight!

1. Apple's Tree (Okay, so this one's not new, but I oft forget to tell those whose work I enjoy that I enjoy their work. So tonight it's Apple's turn!)

2. Gayle Gresham at Colorado Reflections

3. Andrea Christman at Family Tales

4. Laura, a new blogger at Root Seek.

Keep up the great writing and researching!


Andrea Christman said...

Thanks for the award Colleen! I love reading other genea-bloggers' blogs to get inspiration and it is nice to know that my own blog is enjoyed as well!

Apple said...


Thank you so much. It was a very nice surprise to come home to! (It kind of made up for the unpleasant and unsurprising snow drifts. LOL)