Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Favorite Photograph

This month's edition of the Blog Carnival I Smile for the Camera asks participants to submit one photo that is considered to be "the favorite". What, I'm supposed to choose just one photo of thousands as a favorite? Just ONE photo?

Well, I suppose if I eliminate all 982 pictures of IZZIE from the running, it might be almost do-able.
Shall I pick the one of my mother's mother as a child on her confirmation day, taken in about 1914? Or my father's parents on their wedding day in 1925? What about the collection of DOYLEs and TIGHEs from the 1930's in Pittston, PA? Or of my father's sister Marianne as an infant, holding a baby doll? Or of Marianne in a yard saluting? What about the one of my parents on their wedding day, cutting the cake with their parents standing next to them? What about the only known picture of my father's oldest sister, Patsy, shortly before she died as a baby? Or the cousins or uncles of my father, dressed in togas (perhaps I'll spare you all of that one). What about my mother's parents holding their first grandchild? Or the family picture of the James O'ROURKE/Mary KEARNS family, which was found as a tiny, less-than-1" x 1"-photo with no identifiying information on it, that scanned to reveal an image of a family that is remarkably clear? Oh it's so difficult to decide. Why oh why did fM have to ask us to choose just ONE photo?

Oh, Okay. But it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.
Hey. No one said I couldn't take several pictures and merge them into one!

Top, L-R: The HODICK family in 1918 (my father's mother is standing in rear at left with the bow in her hair); My father Dennis at about age 9 or so (1946); My father's sister Marianne.

Bottom L-R: My father's sister Patsy; My mother in her adolescence; My mother's mother in about 1914.

Seriously, there are hundreds of other photos I could choose, and to be honest, many others that would probably rank a bit higher than some of these. However, I chose these pictures of my parents, aunts and grandparents in their youth because seeing them in their youth reminds me that they were not just my aunts, my parents and my grandparents. They were people who brought their personalities and experiences to their roles as my aunts, my parents and my grandparents.

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wendy said...

What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!