Saturday, January 8, 2011

Genealogy Goals for 2011

This time of year many of us Geneabloggers create our goals for the year in terms of our research. Mine are to first, dig back into my research and expand my Oracle of OMcHodoy blog to include instructional material for others wishing to do their research. I also aim to put some structure into my research process so I can get focused again.

I would be willing to bet that regardless of what your research goals are this year, you will find help in meeting those goals at the Arizona Family History Expo coming up in on January 21-22 at the Mesa Convention Center.

Do you plan on organizing your research?  Nancy E. Loe, MA, MLS, Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic and Geoff Rasmussen are three of the presenters who will teach  you what you need to know.

Finally going to write that book and make it about your family history? Biff & Nancy Barnes are among those who can tell you how.

Want to focus in on your German Research? Baerbel Johnson is your source for this.

Want to turn the tables for a while and learn about the tax tables your ancestors used and how they may help you in? Leland Meitzler is your man!

Want to reflect on your genealogical growth? Dae Powell can help you there!

Perhaps you want to learn about your ancestors as people as well as their names, dates, and relationships. Well, then, I just may be able to help you there with three presentations on the role of culture in our research as well as using genograms in our research process.

I told you there was something for everyone at the Arizona Family History Expo!

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