Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparents' Day 2010

Today is Grandparents' Day in the United States.  For me, this day has for far too long meant remembering my grandparents: My longest-surviving grandparent died in 1978, when I was 14 years old.  I often find myself a little jealous of my 40-something-year-old friend whose grandmother is still alive with her mind pretty much intact.  But the lack of living grandparents means not that I dwell in that jealousy, but that I celebrate the grandparents I knew as a child and the grand- and great-grandparents I never knew.

My paternal grandparents Mary (HODICK) and Joseph McHUGH ca 1925.

 Followed by my paternal grandparents 40 years later.

 Mary's parents, my great-grandparents Justina (NAHODIL) and Edward HODICK in 1918.

 Edward and Justina ca 1950.

 My maternal grandparents, Regina "Jean" (DOYLE) and James O'ROURKE, with my mother. Ca 1942.

 James O'ROURKE, who died in 1963 before I was born.

My maternal grandmother's family ca 1910. Grandma Jean is believed to be the girl sitting on the matriarch's lap, my great-grandmother Jane/Jennie (McCUE). At far right is my great-grandfather, John J. DOYLE. The others in the photo include my grandmother's siblings Margaret and Blanche, along with some combination of their sons Thomas, Vincent, William, Joseph and James. Anna was likely not yet born.

Labeled as "Ma Doyle, and thought to my my mother's maternal grandmother, Jane/Jennie (McCUE) DOYLE.

My mother's paternal grandparents, Mary (KEARNS) and James O'ROURKE, along with daughters  Margaret (Nelly), Mary (Mae) and Betty.

My mother's paternal great-grandparents Bridget (DONAHUE) and John KEARNS with their children Mary, Winifred, Genevieve, Lawrence, Jeremiah , John and Francis.

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