Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The World Is NOT Black and White

Whenever I browse through old photographs I find myself needing a reality check, as I struggle to remember that only the pictures were in black and white, not the people and scenery themselves!

The pictures on the top are from the DOYLE lines. On the left is a photo from the earlier part of 1900. We believe the young girl sitting on the lap of the mother is my maternal grandmother, Regina DOYLE. On the right are my great-grandfather John Doyle's sisters Margaret, MaryAnn (Mame), Alice and Johanna. Thanks to my cousins who sent me these photos.

We don't know who is in the photo on the bottom right. I suspect it might be my father's dad and his sister, Annie. Only because the man looks like my grandfather and the woman does not look like my grandmother. I could be terribly far from the truth, however. The photo on the bottom right, I believe, are four of the HODICK men, which were William, Anthony, Thomas, Frank and Edward. If this is accurate I would bet that it's William that is missing, as the stories I've heard depict him as a lone wolf of sorts.

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