Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Focus on Disabilities

My faithful readers (if I have any left with my recent decline in posts) will recall that I've had several posts on either this blog or my other genealogy blog, The Oracle of OMcHodoy, that describe my Aunt Marianne. I have also mentioned that I've had a few aunts with disabilities, including another with Down syndrome, Anna DOYLE (1909-?).

My mother's father, James O'ROURKE (1902-1963) also had a sister named Lucille, who is rumored to have had some type of mental illness. Many people hide their "different" ancestors. I cherish them, and in some odd way, credit them with my profession as a social worker in a clinic for children with medical diagnoses that often result in a disability (such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and a whole lot of other illnesses and disorders).

Today I found a blog that looks to be hosted by Temple University in Philadelphia. I found it after reading a comment by Penny, who featured my very own Marianne McHUGH. I'm so glad she posted a comment on my COG post on women. Sure it's nice to know that someone appreciated the post and the pictures, as others have said they did as well. But I'm glad also that I found a new resource that may prove helpful in my life as I strive for a better understanding of people with disabilities and in my career as a medical social worker.

Check out the blog at Temple University Disability Studies program. You might learn something and be enriched by the experience.

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Mike Dorn said...

Isn't it great to find travellers, interests in history and social justice? Mike Dorn