Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Test Post

This is a test post to seek assistance in formatting this blog. This is my first attempt at using the "new" (not so much anymore) format. My other 3 blogs are still in the old format where the "Layout" tab was not available and you had to personalize the blog via the "Template" tab and use html. While I'm certainly not an expert on html, I have to say so far I am not liking this new format. Perhaps after I learn more about it and experiment I will, but for now am glad my other blogs are in the "Template" format.

Anyway, I could use some help from my fellow geneabloggers on formatting this blog. Here are some questions. All opinions are welcome, or I wouldn't ask!

1. Color Scheme: I love the background color but not sure about the rest. What do you all think? Don't worry about the link color (the orange one ... ick). I'll change that tonight!

2. Title: I could use some suggestions. So far it's between this one "OMcHodoy Orations" and "Orations of OMcHodoy". As you can see by "Oracle", I have a tendency towards alliteration. Sometimes it works, and I think it works well for the Oracle blog. But alliteration can get too "cutesy" sometimes. Are these titles too "cutesy"? If not, which sounds better to you? If so, tell me. I'm in the middle; sometimes I think it's too cutesy, other times I don't, so I do want opinions and/or suggestions for other titles. This blog will be for stories, lore, memories, writing prompts,etc.

3. Labels: I can now see how they are added with the "new" blogger. Does anyone know how to do this in the "old" blogger (that doesn't have the "layout" tab?). I do not wish to switch my other blogs over.

4. How do I add a hit counter to the website? There isn't a feature for this in the "page elements" section, and in the "html" editing screen it won't accept the codes (i'm using the same ones as I do with the other blogs and it's not working here. It keeps saying it's not well-formed.

Any help appreciated.


Apple said...

1. I love the colors except for the bright green in the top side bar. You can use colors other than the few blogger has by entering the code number yourself. You can find some codes here and I am certain that there are several other sites you could find.

2. I like "Orations of OMcHodoy"

3. I think you can add labels to your other blogs but it will be a pain. Vin has a hack you could try.

4. The "new" blogger is Xhtml. I find that I usually forget to use quotes. This article helped me. You could always pick a new counter for your new blog.

I love the new blogger. I am very uncomfortable with html and I like how easy the widgets are to use to add new things or make changes to link lists etc. Give it a chance with this blog. It was hard when I first switched but I'm glad I did. That said, it is a major pain to back up every single link and reenter them if you do switch over. I'll also warn you that rounders is harder to change than the minima or denim templates but obviously it is still my favorite.

Colleen said...

Thanks Apple! I actually used that hex code chart for this and other blogs! I bookmarked that Xhtml article; I suspect I'll be referring to it a lot. I'll be reading the "hack" thing later :).

Janice said...


Ditto on what Apple said :D

I've also added this blog as a link on Cow Hampshire.


Becky said...

I'm with Apple, I like "Orations of OMcHodoy". I think I'd go with a slightly lighter shade of tan for the area of the posts.

I'm curious as to why you decided to go with using another blog. Why not include these in your "Oracle" blog?

Terry Thornton said...

Colleen, Becky raises a good point. Indeed why not combine your work into a HOGS BLOG --- history, observations, genealogy, stories and whatever?

For your older readers, dark bold ink on a light background reads easier!

And the Ronnie Ruralite in me comes out over the name: if I can't pronounce it, I don't order it! And I have trouble with OMcHodoy Orations! LOL!

Good luck with the launch --- I'll be reading.